About me

About me

Well, about me. I’m a common man enjoying spending his spare time writing, traveling, blogging, researching, studying, and looking for new adventures and challenges. My blog is about photography and traveling since our life is a travel and each trip represents some aspects or moments of my life. I always bring with me a few items that represent my way of life (you can do the same and get them at the shop or buy elsewhere).

As many knows, traveling fundamentally changes us and our perspective of the world, broadening our horizons and allowing to set our objectives. Indeed, new places, activities, and people help in changing and adopting new habits. Moreover, we encounter new persons considering us for what we are at present and not for what we had been.

For me, traveling became part of a therapy to overcome a car accident I’ve been involved in. Indeed, during the impact, my brain crashed back and forth inside the skull causing some bruising and tearing of nerve fibers. However, most of the damage derived from the reduction in the flow of oxygen-rich blood determined by such movement.

Well, in about one year I had recovered very well as it can be witnessed by my successful enrollment in postgraduate education. Notwithstanding, I have not stopped traveling since then, suggesting I may have developed some different problem…

If you are interested in, I’m heterosexual, not married, and not in a relationship; furthermore, I’m not the father of recognized or unrecognized children. My only moral dependents are my parents, my sister, and society. I do not have any sexually transmissible disease, I don’t use any type of recreational drugs, and I’m proudly enjoying good health conditions because of my daily workout and diet.


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I’m putting all my energy into improving quality with thoughtful written content and great reading experience. I want to eliminate distractions that get in the way of reading flow and reduce distortions that could undermine your trust in what you read on Scubarob Adventure Log.

As a result, this site is not and will not include any advertisement for the purpose of earning money. However, the guys at CSS Hero have really improved my life and mental health to an extent they deserve the credit for their job:

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Finally, this blog may contain affiliate links. If you decide to purchase through one of these links, I’ll receive a commission from the sale at no additional cost to you. It’s just a way to pay some bills and will not hurt your wallet.

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Glad you enjoy my website; I hope you enjoy your life as well.

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