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Free Stuff

Free stuff. Well, yes. Apart from the sky and thin air I also give away some interesting free stuff as puzzles, guides, eBooks, web resources, travel tips, and tutorials. I just ask you to subscribe my email newsletter using the box at the bottom and, if possible, to tweet my posts.

What did you expect, instead? OK, you may get sent a few tea bags or a pair of socks if you really insist. Yes, we all love tea and we all love socks but this really isn’t a good reason to read my blog. Read on.

Malaysia Borneo Lankayan
The sky is free

Web Resources


Technology’s effects on the travel industry are big thing, think about the savings and profits from GPS in rental cars, Wifi on airplanes, and computerized hotel door locks… But you as a consumer you must also profit from such advancements: these are travel and other related websites I often use when planning my trips or to assess prices. You also find information on gathering money from the web.

Travel Tips


If this is your first time traveling abroad — or maybe you just need a refresher — here’s a collection of helpful tips and information you should do or bring before your trip. You should check my page on travel tips to find various advice about traveling and staying safe. You should also take a look at my page about travel scams.

Start Blogging


So you want to live the dream and getting paid to travel forever? In all seriousness you can’t simply pick a travel blog name, start a blog, and use it to fund your travels around the world. The truth is that it takes a lot of times (months, years…). It will be difficult but not impossible if you follow my guide on how to start a travel blog.

Learn Photography

learn photography

Photography is considered the newest form of art and a direct result of the technological progress of the last century. In How to Learn Photography I explain how, as a formalized expression of art, photography allows a variety of methods and categories to communicate your messages.



Whether you’re waiting somewhere you don’t wish to be, or you just can’t wait for something, use Scubarob’s Crosswords to make time go by faster. If you need a chainge in mood for the best, take a look at my Smile page. Or you may prefer instead to play Jenga….