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Crosswords are fun and allow to spend time while waiting for flights, buses, tickets, or simply to relax (other ways exist, too!). However, crosswords had been also an instrument of espionage… Indeed, a day before the assault on the German-occupied port of Dieppe, the word ‘Dieppe’ appeared in a Daily Telegraph crossword determining an investigation against the poor crosswords writer!!

Moreover, research has demonstrated the positive effects of crossword puzzles on brain if played at least weekly. Indeed, Ann Lukits, who also wrote “Puzzles Boost Verbal Skills, Cut Dementia Risk” for the Wall Street Journal, suggests that regularly solving crosswords may “improve memory and brain function in older adults” and “improve mental functions in patients with brain damage or early dementia”.

As a result, the page change weekly, but you may leave a comment asking for another puzzle to play earlier!!! Older crosswords are just paged away.

Puzzle of the fourth week of May 2019

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