Common Travel Scams

Common Travel Scams

Travel Scams occur because, apart from amazing people and forever friends, traveling will put you in contact with people trying to fraud you. Please check the list and keep it present.

Currency Exchange

People at the counter should be honest, but it is not always the case. You may appear tired or sleepy and instead of some help you’ll get counterfeit bills and hefty exchange rate. See also my Travel Tips.


This is common in city centers where people comes up to you asking money to support their cause. Please do your research on the web and don’t do too many questions unless you’re searching for troubles.


Who can resist to selling children offering for few pennies jewelry or a service; however, be sure in first instance they just sell objects or services because in some countries they may offer drugs or sex. Generally, someone older is profiting from their conditions. If you care, advice authorities the day you leave

Street Vendors

Obviously they will charge you more than locals. Apart from bargaining, you can find a local and give him some money to manage your “affairs” with street vendors and other.


Someone will try to steal your possessions after distracting you in some way, usually by swarming you or by causing a scene. Keep your belongings close to you and never loose sight.


Usually they take the longest way or switch off the meter to overcharge. Always check the route and fare before entering the taxi,you will notice that only the honest will listen to you. Uber is the best alternative and is always cheaper.

Street Games

Just avoid any type any time any where unless you are a professional gambler with a big wallet.

Credit Card Scams

Depending on the case, someone will try to get your credit card number, safe code (the one on the back), and sign to buy or get cash from an ATM. In some countries you can be forced to take cash from multiple ATMs. Take care of yourself and of your credit card by avoiding small bank branches, by checking the credentials of people accessing your card, and by generally showing concerns about using it.

Free Stuff

Usually tourists are seen as big wallet walking around just waiting to be opened and deprived. The most common scam is the offer of some free stuff to later ask money and cause a scene if you don’t pay.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    it happened to me to buy some necklaces from childs in India to later discover they were badly dressed just to impress tourists….. I’ve seen them partying on a big pickup :-(((

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