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[Sticky] Saving and Additional Income

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House Sitting and Hostel Work

While not directly providing income it allows saving. Trusted House Sitters offers the best options for homeowners and sitters, but you should also consider and Additional resources include Couchsurfing, HostelJobs, Workaway, and WorldPackers.

Seasonal Work

From bartender to divemaster, from boat steward or hostess to gardener you can pick up any job involved with the pre-season or tourists season of the place you like. Consider also teaching your own language or English; take a look at Green Heart Travel or Italki.

Qualified Work

If your skills are in demand, you may secure a professional internship. Try Alliance Abroad.


If you find a regular job, remember you have to pay taxes in the country you work, but you have to show your home country you have paid for it. For instance, as an American working in France, you still have to file with the IRS to show that you have paid French income tax.

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