Packing List

Packing List

Packing can be daunting, figuring out what you’ll need and what will just add weight can be a waste of time and a stressful activity! This minimalist list includes all the essentials for your next budget trip!

The most relevant advice for a packing list is to pack light and to avoid unneeded items because:

  1. Easier transport of luggage and reduced stress.
  2. More spare space for souvenirs and presents for family and friends.

With respect to clothes, as a general guideline, I advise you to pack foldable items and avoid heavy fabrics that occupy too much volume in your bags; think about layering clothes instead of taking heavy and light items.

Thus, use your judgment and bring only items you think you will use in your next trip!!!

Sport Accessories

If you are really into diving, the first thing you should be getting is a computer. More and more dive centers have started renting out computers, but most places they are still hard to find as rentals.

The Aqualung i200 is a nice option at a low price with all the features you need; moreover, it can double as a normal watch you can wear during holidays (for sure is more waterproof than any other watch!!).

Surf shoes are a useful add-on for surfers in order to access rocky bottoms or for explorers of the Caribbean coastal waters; moreover, you can wear it to access waterfalls or during rainy seasons. Beqo Shoes dry in a couple of hours and can be easily washed.

If you really like to trek and travel by walk, any Nordic Walking Instructor can confirm that trekking poles improve posture, balance, and stability by providing two extra points of contact with the trail. Moreover, trekking poles also prevent pain and damage associated with repetitive stress injuries on the ankles, knees, and hips.

If you like climbing glaciers, consider buying an ice axe; instead of models for ascending relatively steep slopes, pick one with a long and straight shaft that can also be used for better balance (like trekking poles).

Safety and Health Accessories

Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, and similar diseases caused by a virus transmitted by infected mosquitoes are common in the Caribbean, Central America, and South Central Asia. While vaccines and repellents are commonly employed remedies, you may also opt for head mosquito nets to apply over your hat or for bed mosquito nets to reduce exposure to chemicals during the night.

Finally, remember proper solar protection to spend time outdoors without getting a sunburn. As you probably already know, sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer and promote skin’s aging.

Travel Accessories

It’s important to have a reliable travel power adapter to bring with you even if you are not a frequent international traveler; indeed, you need to have the ability to use your electronic devices while you travel.

The Poncho was one of the typical clothes worn by the Paracas, a pre-Inca culture that existed around 500 B.C. However, a rain poncho is used to keep you dry and may double as a small tent or to avoid contact with sand at the beach. If you take one small, you may need a backpack cover. Breathable or not breathable is a matter of wallet, I did not find any difference…

Before you head off on your adventure you should ensure that you have the proper equipment to make your trip as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible and the right travel knife will be one of those items. Remember, TSA policies allow folding knives of up to 2.36 inches in length and less than a half-inch wide to be carried legally and are consistent with international guidelines.

Take the time to look at my shop for other accessories like travel diaries, cigar cutters, t-shirts, cards, etc.

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