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[Sticky] Tips to Travel Safe

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Keep an Open Mind

Don’t judge other customs. You are a visitor. Be respectful.

Try to Be Flexible

Delays do occur while traveling, as well as other issues (baggage, taxi, hotel bookings, etc.). Try to understand the situation, explore your alternatives, think about the consequences of yelling.....

Consider to Make a List

I mean a real one, not in your mind. Think about what you're going to do and what you'll need to fully enjoy it, but think also about what you really need if things go wrong.

Try to Learn some Words in the Destination's Language

It may help in order to appear not as an invader but rather as an interested traveler. However, much depends on existing conditions and historical developments. At least, take a look at the news. Good candidates are: Thank you, I'm sorry, Water, Wine, Food.

Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance

Depending on your existing coverage, you may integrate it with a travel insurance (about 50-100$ for 2-3 months).

Remember to Make Copies of Documents

Important documents are passport, driving license, scuba licenses, and prepaid tickets of all sort. A couple of photos suitable for such documents are good too, just in case you need to make a new ones at your embassy!!


  • For boys: don't use it while traveling, it prevents irritation.... Pack a couple more.
  • For girls: always wear it, it prevents irritations.... Pack 3-4 more than usual, quick dry.


Don't ask, it's a complex physiological answer.

Keep some space for style

You should consider some locations may require more than shorts and t-shirt even if you are a well paying tourist; you may need also to look presentable.

Always Enquire about the price

You'll not result as rude or rough as you may think. It's just a precaution. Remember to explicitly ask for all fees and taxes.

Consider Drinking Water on Planes

You should drink a liter of water every 4 hours of air travel. I know, it's better to get drunk and sleep but it's really dangerous. Water will help with jet lag too.

Reflect on Locals' Suggestions

Locals are an important resource of information about restaurants, spots, entertainment, etc. However, not all locals are happy with tourists, as well as not all locals give suggestions for free. read my page about Travel Scams.

Consider Negotiating Rates

You may try to bargain a bit with accommodation, transport, and souvenirs. It can take time but it saves a lot in the long term!

Consider Informing Your Bank

It will prevent your credit card company or bank to put a hold on your card.

Keep Cash Separate

Take with you small notes (5, 10, 20 usd), always separate your short term needs from the remaining.

Exchange Currency in Banks

Avoid airports and tourists desks, they have high commissions, faulty calculators, and bad rates.

Try to Book Flights in Advance

The earlier the better, but 8 weeks in advance is the perfect time to book your flights. Consider also miles program and lounges. Prepare well on connections, always consider a 2-3 hours delay.

But Leave Room for Spontaneity

Don’t plan your entire itinerary ahead of time. You never know who/what is expecting you.

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Useful, but you're really taking out all the fun 😜 

Why am I supposed to wear more underwear than a boy?